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At Carolina Epoxy Garage we offer free estimates to evaluate your job and provide a fair and exact price. This gives us an opportunity to learn your needs and then explain our process to achieve a great looking garage floor.  There are many factors that need to be considered in determining the cost which includes: Square footage, pre-existing floor coating, edge work around obstacles (water heater, stairs, closet, etc.), expansion joints, stem walls, and a few others.  Due to these factors, it’s necessary to come out and provide the price on site, however, the #1 question we are always asked is: “What does it cost?” 

So in listening to our customers and unlike many of our competitors, we have included the chart below to give you a rough idea of the pricing as a quick reference.

These are rough estimates only to give a general idea of cost, please contact us to schedule your free estimate for a fair and accurate price
  • Area
  • 400 SQFT
  • $1700 – 2000

  • Area
  • 600 SQFT
  • $2550 – 2850

  • Area
  • 800 SQFT
  • $3200 – 3600

  • Area
  • 1000 SQFT
  • $4000 – 4500